XWiki 13.2 Roadmap

Hi devs,

Here’s the 13.2 roadmap proposal.

Content for 13.2


  • Analysis of how to remove the 255 character limitation which is hitting more and more users migrating from confluence which doesn’t have any such limit. The issue is Loading... - Thomas + Ilie for testing all cases to find places where we have the issue and regroup/link existing jira issues
  • Finish inplace editor leftover - Marius (carried over from 12.9)
    • Notifications Macro content isn’t rendering when editing in-place (XWIKI-17323)
    • The view UI is not modified after saving when using the in-place editing (XWIKI-17593)
    • The links to missing translations from the Information tab should lead to the in-place editor (XWIKI-18358)
  • LD - Marius + ClementD + Manuel
    • Improve the L&F of the live data macro (XWIKI-18266)
    • Use translation keys in the live data UI Open (XWIKI-17428)
    • Push the changes to the server after leaving in-line (cell) editing (XWIKI-18098)
    • In-line editing should work with the raw property value not the display value (XWIKI-18097)
    • Live Data macro styles don’t use the color theme (XWIKI-18270)
  • Add the possibility for Admin user to control user’s notifications (XWIKI-17944) - Simon
  • Add the possibility to add global notifications filters from Administration (XWIKI-17945) - Simon
  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.2RC1: 22nd of March 2021
  • 13.2Final: 29th of March 2021

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