XWiki 14.0 will require Java 11 as a minimal version for running XWiki

Hi devs,

I’m sending this post as a reminder of our strategy at Java Support Strategy (Community.SupportStrategy.JavaSupportStrategy.WebHome) - XWiki

This means:

  • That we no longer need to support java 8 for XWiki 14.x. We can remove it from test configs + update the minimal requirement page
  • That building XWiki will require Java 11 (at least for executing the functional tests). We’ll also need to update the Building page on xwiki.org

I’ll be working on these 2 items in the coming days. Right now I’m trying to upgrade our standalone packaging on master (i.e. XWiki 14.x) to use Jetty 10 (which requires Java 11 to run).


BTW ATM we can only run the functional tests with Java 11 while we need to continue building with Java 8 until we fix the last remaining issues:

I don’t think this one is accurate, since the problem was with XWiki 8.4.4 source.

According to IsolatedTestClassLoader javadoc I don’t think it actually needs a URLClassloader. Seems to me, it was just a reflex to assume that it’s always one and that it should have the documented behavior by setting the context classloader as parent instead of using its URLs.