XWiki 14.10.5 released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 14.10.5.

This is a bug fix release containing important security fixes of the LTS version of XWiki. We highly recommend upgrading to it.

You can download it here: Download XWiki (XWiki.org)

Make sure to review the release notes:
Release Notes for XWiki 14.10.5 (XWiki.org)

Thanks for your support
-The XWiki dev team

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I was almost close to decide to move to .4 today and yet a new release is ready :slight_smile:

But, since regressions is what I care the most (we do not yet make extensive usage of XWiki), I have a question: (I’m picking this for example purposes) 14.10.5 fixes Cannot export to PDF from edit mode which is a regression that I didn’t see before.

The Jira issue says it affects 14.10, I guess it is still present in .1, .2, .3 and .4, am I right?

If that’s the case, just to be sure to correctly keep an eye on regressions: should I always check them from patch 0 (talking about semver major.minor.patch) onward, beside what’s included in a specific release Release Notes page?

One more question, but related to this release this time: I see it includes MySQL connector 8.0.32 Loading... , that I had seen mentioned in this one Loading...
I tried to follow the description and the comments therein, but it’s a bit too technical for me: my XWiki is at 14.6 and works with MySQL server 8.0.32: is it safe to upgrade to .5?

This issue is not related to the connector version, but to the MySQL server version.

The reason why this issue is classified as “blocker” is because MySQL server being officially supported we should always make sure any new version work as expected, but as I indicated in my last comment, the practical consequence of this problem (for which the source hasn’t yet been identified) is very minor and should not have noticeable consequence 99% of the time.

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Thank you!