XWiki 14.2 Docker totaly broken

Hey together,

after installing an empty XWiki (my previous topic will sty until resolved with no workarround) I encountered the problem that I can’t create new Wikis because of “Error 13: Permission Denied” which can’t be.

Looking into the Database over PMA with root and with the XWikiDB-User I am only getting empty databases but files are created for the database in the container correctly and the instance itself seems not to have any problem installing extension or playing arround with page creations and so on.

But why are then permission errors thrown? Why has the entire DB-Root User not even VIEW permissions while files are there, accesable and still working?

Sorry but here are sheningans going arround in the XWiki’s Core not handling Maria/MySQL privilegs correctly which in indeed for me a major bug!

This means that I can’t use this software until stuff get’s fixed from the DevTeam here. I hope that this will get adressed as soon as possible.

Hi. I don’t understand fully your message and your problems but I can tell you that MariaDB and MySQL are supported. We test for them automatically and manually and they work fine. Thus, my intuition is that you haven’t set up the DB correctly in term of required permissions.