XWiki 7.4 – Page Click Directed to Distribution Wizard After DB Fix

We are running a standalone XWiki 7.4 using HSQLDB. Some of the permanent data directories were recently compromised/corrupted. We restored the contents of the data/database, data/extension and data/solr directories with our most recent backup and are now able to start and access the Wiki.
Unfortunately, after logging in to the Wiki, clicking on any page link directs us to the Distribution Wizard page. If we don’t login we are able to navigate inside the Wiki without issue.

Is moving forward with the Distribution Wizard (clicking Continue) the best way to resolve this? Will doing so cause us to lose or Wiki content (pages, attachments, etc.)? Is there something else that could be causing this?

Any help is much appreciated!


Hi. First, 2 points come to mind:

  1. We don’t recommend running HSQLDB in production
  2. You must really upgrade (BTW we don’t support versions older than the LTS - which is 11.10.3 ATM)

Second, if you get the DW, I think it’s probably because you lost the status.xml file from the permanent directory. Maybe check your backup because that may indicate you lost some other data.

Now status.xml is not very important and can get recreated and if you don’t find it yes you can move ahead with the DW.

This was very helpful, thank you!