XWiki AWM inheritance

Hi Everybody,

I’m still in the process in setting things up and have a few questions to the App-Within-Minutes feature:

  1. Is it possible to enable a local AWM-app (and parts of it’s contents) somehow across a Wiki to sub-Wikis?
    The use case is as follows: We have a group-Wiki which contains a data retention policy AWM (With values like document type and storage duration). These values are then used via other apps in the header to classify the retention policy of the created wiki page (via data base list). This works fine within the group wiki. However, SubWiki-applications also need to access these values since they must be the same across all Sub-Wikis. How would I do this? Neither in the Help nor the forums I could find corresponding info.

  2. Is it possible to list multiple values inside one Data Base List field? Both values would be in the same class. Currently I’m just using a text based approach where both values (e.g. Numer, Unit) are entered into one ID field. I would love to sperate these to make it more Flexible (e.g. Number as free entry and unit as static list and Combined output in another app via data base list).