XWiki Boka v0.1 released

Hi everyone,

I released an experimental application for interacting with XWiki via a Bulma and Vue.js based user interface, it’s named XWiki Boka. It interacts with XWiki over the XWiki REST API an it is currently limited to opening and saving pages that are located in the main wiki only. Beware to install version 0.2, not 0.1 where the hardcoded wiki identifier was wrong.



Hi @slauriere,

thanks for working on this, that’s really exciting, especially just before the new 12.x cycle, on which we might want to experiment such new things :slight_smile:

I just tried to install it on a fresh 11.10 jetty-hsqldb, but apparently I got an issue when accessing to Boka.Sandbox: here’s the screenshot of what I got with the console errors:

for info I checked the network tab and I didn’t have any 404 in it.

Thank you for your feedback @surli :–). Page Boka.Sandbox should be visited in edit mode for now, I mentioned it in the documentation but it’s clearly crappy that the view mode is broken, I’ll fix that. Let me know how it goes when you replace view by edit in the URL?

Alternatively, just edit XWiki.Boka.Skin objects and replace value edit.vm by view.vm, that’s what I just modified in the application code: commit a584bb.

My bad I read the doc a bit too fast and missed the edit mode: I updated it to emphasize about that :slight_smile:
Working indeed when using it in edit mode.

Do you have any plan or direction to continue the experiment?
Very quick thought:

  • We don’t have any feedback when hitting save button
  • Could be nice to have the “Create page” option when looking for a non existing page
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A new version is available (0.3) which gives feedback on save and allows to create pages indeed (via a separate button for now but having a create option directly in the search dialog could be handy indeed). This version allows also to open pages from the current wiki rather than the main one, as long as the path-based scheme is used, and to add or remove attachments (the removal requires reopening the page for now though, that’s because the application currently expects that the REST API returns the name of the removed attachment, which is not the case at the moment in the XWiki REST API, not sure what’s the recommended practice, to be investigated).

Next possible steps: ability to edit XWiki objects possibly in YAML, and extension points mechanism for allow to add features or to customize the apperance. Any feedback or suggestion welcome :–)