XWiki consuming 95% CPU

In the past few days I’ve noticed my Apache Tomcat service (running my xwiki instance) is consuming 95% and won’t stop until a complete server restart. This makes my xwiki instance unavailable multiple times a day. I can provide catalina log and tomcat-stderr log files if it helps.

  1. My server is running Windows Server 2019
  2. My xwiki is running on Apache Tomcat version

From the logs I can see the following:

  1. There is a warning about an illegal reflective access operation by the com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.FieldDictionary class.
  2. A severe error occurs while loading sessions from persistent storage, causing an exception related to java.io.ObjectStreamException and the StandardManager .
  3. The log message indicates that the web application “xwiki” created several ThreadLocal instances but failed to remove them when the application was stopped. This can potentially lead to memory leaks.

Do you have any suggestions?

catalina.2023-05-19.log (128.4 KB)
tomcat-stderr.2023-05-19.log (98.1 KB)