XWiki Debug eclipse in tomcat, server doesn't start every times or is really slow due to solr


I would need some help from eclipse developers that use xwiki-debug-eclipse

My version of XWiki is 12.10.4

When I start the tomcat the first time (after a reboot) it works well.

Then every restart is randomly not working at all or very slow the tomcat server is stuck here

2021-11-18 15:42:46,715 [main] WARN  o.a.s.c.CoreContainer          - Not all security plugins configured!  authentication=disabled authorization=disabled.  Solr is only as secure as you make it. Consider configuring authentication/authorization before exposing Solr to users internal or external.  See https://s.apache.org/solrsecurity for more info 

It’s solr server start who failed but I can’t know why, probably not well stopped before. I’m using the embedded solr

any developers encounter this and have a solution ?

Actually that one probably does not have anything to do with xwiki-debug-eclipse: you seem to be hitting https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-18436 (a deadlock in Solr which happen in some not clearly defined environements and not others).

Either you move to 12.10.6+ (in which case better go all the way to 12.10.10) or apply the workaround indicated in the jira issue (which imply modifying the Solr core properties).

Thanks for the fast answer !

I’ve been upgrading to 12.10.10

I still have the issue sometimes but not always if I doesn’t stop and start to fast it seems ok

Actually just upgrading is not fully enough, you also need to either:

  • apply the same workaround as for 12.10.6
  • reset your data and let XWiki recreate the Solr cores (I actually assumed you would do that since you were talking about xwiki-debug-eclipse)