XWiki Discourse ToDo

Before launching we should:

  • Create Categories
  • Invite all committers and set up the Groups and Trust Level permissions (see if we have limitations in terms on people in a specific group)
  • Provide an XWiki favicon
  • Make sure the we have an XWiki logo also when scrolling down inside a topic
  • Other?

See http://markmail.org/message/mbfucokxnyecd6lb

I’ve listed 3 items there and need some answers from devs.

Regarding trust levels I’m proposing to keep the defaults ATM.

  • Provide an ‘About’ or banner about what is XWiki and what this forum contains.

so this means committers won’t be at least Moderators?

AFAICS this is not related to trust levels but to roles. You can make users “Moderators”. And yes I agree that committers should be moderators.

BTW this topic should also have been posted on the devs lists since it’s not a user-related topic IMO.

Moved the topic to the staff category and gave thomas and you moderation permission (which made you see the staff category I think)

So the plan is to use Discourse instead of the users list, while continuing to use devs@ mailinglist?
Or just replace the dedicated mailinglists with Discourse? Anyway, I think this will get figured out in the future and if we adopt Discourse.

I haven’t posted in the devs list since it’s related to Discourse and I though this was the appropriate place to discuss it (since it’s in its context).

Yes, I can see now the ‘Staff’ category.

As a first step I think and when we are happy with it maybe move dev too.

Caty, please read the devs list thread and the questions I asked there :wink: (and reply please since not many did).


yes it’s nice for us to get the hang of it but:

  • This thread was started on the devs list so we have a list now and you’re asking questions I’ve already asked there
  • Not everyone is reading here yet since it’s not officially open. ATM only Thomas and you have a user account apparently…