XWiki does not allow file upload

Hello guys
I am currently testing XWiki as an alternative for Confluence. Since it is provided as an docker image, I was asuming the usage is pretty easy. But it is not.
I cannot upload big ZIP files. Small zip files (1.9 MB) are handled very well. But when I am using files with a size of 200 or 400 MB always a HTTP 500 internal server error comes back. I also think maybe the MIME type of the file upload could be wrong. The browser console shows the type is ‘text’. Maybe this has an impact.
I alread read a lot stuff about a changed behavior in Tomcat between 8 and 9. But finally I have no clue about TomCat, while I can easily manage a configuration in Apache or NGinX.

What is needed to get this upload working? Which super secret configuration I have to change?


It depends of what is blocking the upload of large files, I guess it can be tomcat, and for that part I don’t know what are the setting to check.
Or it can be XWiki itself, and in this case the attachments documentation can help.

Hello mleduc
I know the attachements documentation already. Since I am using the newest version of XWiki (15.2) I cannot configure anything about the attachement size.
Also I am using the provided docker images. Tomcat is inside this image and no TomCat configuration is mounted to the outside. So I can use it only as it is. That is by the way the docker concept: Using the images as they are. I have no idea, why there are docker images provided by XWiki where you cannot upload files without errors. It looks a little bit like the software has not been tested before deploying.
Maybe I try to build an docker image with an older TomCat version. That should not be that much work.