XWiki down since several days


I’m having trouble with my XWiki community instance (kan), it’s been 3 or 4 days that it is “Under maintenance” by my buddy Skol, is it normal ? :slight_smile:

PS : It worked briefly this afternoon and then down again

Thanks !

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Hi @thols . Sorry about that. What is your wiki? I’ve logged onto my myxwiki personal wiki and it’s working fine at the time of writing. Is it ok now for you too?


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Sorry about that @thols, myxwiki.org server seemed stuck and was restarted a few h ago.

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It’s now back and seems stable again, thanks for the quick reaction :slight_smile:


It seems back down :frowning:


I wonder if there’s a weekend job or maintenence task that might be causing this behavior: this is the second weekend in a row we’ve encountered a multi day outage that started sometime shortly after Friday evening…

Sorry about that, myxwiki.org was moved to get a bigger filesystem, and it seems it caused some instability. We are looking into it.