XWiki extensions and silver support

We are going to use Xwiki in the production environment with some extensions such as Google Apps Integration(Pro), Diagram Application(Pro). Therefore we have to pay for these extensions. The documentation says about the silver options as follows.

I could not understand what the silver option is. Does it mean we have to buy one of the supports before buying an extension? Can somebody please explain this?

Hi there,

Please note that this forum is for xwiki.org. You seem to be referring to paying apps. We, at xwiki.org don’t have paying apps. You should contact the maintainer of these apps (hint: it’s probably XWiki SAS).

This is a public forum only for free extensions of XWiki.

See https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Support too.

Thanks! Have fun with XWiki :slight_smile:

Hi Vmassol,

Ohh. Okay sorry for inconvenience caused. I will contact the maintainers of the paying apps of xwiki.
Thanks. :slight_smile: