XWiki for ELN (2)

We are seriously considering XWiki in the context of some Electronic Labbook use cases. Scientists should document experiments with the usual metadata (using the XWiki GUI for editing text, tables, uploading small Excel files). Larger files (primary data) are stored on a central file in experiment specific directories (the idea is to import metadata of files into XWiki pages). (1) Can we limit the file size of files that can be uploaded? (2) Scientists need an easy way to take fotos of experimental setups (e.g. with a dedicated iPad or camera) that should be embedded in specific pages. We could provide a simple setup (including a web based service at our institute) that immediately saves images on a file system that can be accessed from our XWiki instance. We also could append these fotos automatically to specific XWiki pages (from a remote system - this should be possible with the REST API, correct?) from which they could be moved/copied by scientists who need them for their documentation. Which way is easier for authors and maybe there are better solutions to easily embed fotos? Thanks!