XWiki has been accepted to GSoC 2020!

Hi devs,

The list of accepted organizations has been published yesterday evening and XWiki has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2020!

We currently have 15 project proposals and 10 mentors.

There are about 3 weeks left (March 16) before the student application period starts, so if others want to sign up as mentors and/or propose new GSoC projects for the students, please do so on the ideas list.

During this period, students are supposed to ask questions about the proposed projects so please don`t hesitate to welcome and help them out!

Another thing you can help with is to increase the list of “Onboarding” issues that we know about on jira.xwiki.org. You can use the label “Onboarding” and apply it to jira issues which you know for a fact that they would be easy to fix by someone new to XWiki. We`ve currently labeled quite a few issues with the “Onboarding” JIRA label and are listing them on the student guidelines page to help students discover them more easily.



Congrats on getting selected for consecutively 5 years.
I would like to contribute For Gsoc’20 in XWiki. After going through all the ideas list, I found the project for " Improve DokuWiki Importer " quite interesting. I have a good background in frameworks . I have working knowledge and good hand in C, C++ ,Python and Git .Also I am current Core member of Programming Society in IIT Mandi .

Please guide me on how to proceed further and contribute to this .

Ankit Karan

Hi, @karanankit01, and welcome!

Thanks! This is actually our 13th time in the GSoC program :wink:

Nice to meet you. I am sure that, by now, you have already gone through https://gsoc.xwiki.org and noticed the Getting Started section, right at the top of the document, which should have you covered on most of the introductory stuff (in the linked page). Make sure to go through it and understand what XWiki is all about and what does developing an extension or a feature implies. We’re also available on the Chat for clarifications and help.

Also note that XWik is written in Java (on the back-end side), which you might need for a project like the DokuWiki importer. Hope you’re confortable with that as well.

Hope to hear more from you!

Reminder to all GSoC student candidates:

Submitting a Final PDF Proposal

Before the application period closes you must submit a Final PDF Proposal - this must be done for your proposal to be considered for the GSoC program. If you only submit a draft and fail to submit the Final PDF Proposal the organizations will not be able to see your proposal and therefore will not be able to accept you - it is an automatic reject from the system.

Follow the instructions on the GSoC site and the process is quite straightforward.


Please don’t omit this crucial step, as the deadline is in just a couple of hours.