XWiki has been accepted to GSoC 2023!

Hi devs,

The list of accepted organizations has been published yesterday evening and XWiki has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2023!


We currently have 10 project proposals and 5 mentors.

There is a bit more than 1 month left (April 4th) before the GSoC contributors application period starts, so if others want to sign up as mentors and/or propose new GSoC projects for the contributors to pick from, please do so on the ideas list.

During this period, interested GSoC contributors are supposed to ask questions about the proposed projects so please don’t hesitate to welcome and help them out!

Another thing you can help with is to increase the list of “Onboarding” issues that we know about on jira.xwiki.org. You can use the label “Onboarding” and apply it to jira issues which you know for a fact that they would be easy to fix by someone new to XWiki. We’ve currently labeled quite a few issues with the “Onboarding” JIRA label and are listing them on the GSoC guidelines page to help GSoC contributors discover them more easily.



Congratulations xwiki, wauw! xwiki Program Organization | Google Summer of Code

I added some onboarding labels to these tickets ( Loading... Loading... Loading... ), hope it helps!

I see theres a long tradition of being in gsoc aswell, cool to see!

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Note my comment for Loading... since this is already working! Please confirm in jira (without news, I’ll close it soon).


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hey @vmassol , I hope all is well!

Apologies I had missed your comment on the Jira board - I responded there now!