Xwiki lost flavours after docker restart

I need help.
After restarting docker I lost the xwiki flavor extensions. The contents are there, but the administration menu (access burger icon) or the documentTree macro for example is completely missing. How do I reinstall? Thank you

Hi. Maybe you forgot to map the permanent directory or you somehow removed the internal docker volume for it?

There’s nothing to reinstall, it’s docker. You can delete the docker containers and associated volumes.

Actually the plugins seem to be installed. If I go via browser to
I see DocumentTree installed but on the left I find an
unknown Macro: documentTree.
Also I don’t see the administration menu but if I go via browser by entering the URL I reach it.
All inserted content is accessible via URL
The volumes appear to be mounted correctly…

I found a solution that I want to share.
I created a new docker container, installed xwiki and shut down the container. I copied the mysql volume from the old broken container and the /data/store folder. I restarted the container and it worked fine. I hope it helps others who have had the same problem.