Xwiki LTS: Updates shown for bundled extensions

Hi everyone,

What I always wanted to ask - is it intentional that the Xwiki updater also shows updates for extensions bundled with Xwiki by default? It even does so during the “upgrade extensions” steps in the Xwiki upgrade wizard while upgrading to a new Xwiki platform version:


Good question, I’m also interested in the answer :wink:

The core extensions are updated automatically but I’m wondering why the XS flavor extensions are not since you’re updating the flavor.

To clarify, the screenshot is taken from the “regular” extension upgrader, i.e. not during an Xwiki upgrade.

I would not expected the bundled extensions to be offered for upgrade - I’ve never tried to upgrade those to a newer release and wonder if they would be compatible, and what would happen when I upgrade the actual Xwiki packages to the next LTS release - possibly overwriting the upgraded packages with older versions? Not sure, never tried… I didn’t want to experiment there… :wink:

What’s most confusing during Xwiki upgrade is that the bundled extensions are actually upgraded to the new Xwiki version that’s being upgraded to, but then during the “check for extension upgrades” for some of them an immediate upgrade to the latest version supplied in the extension repository is shown… I can provide the corresponding screenshot once you released 12.10.6. :wink:

So I actually encounter the same issue when upgrading XWiki.org recently, and I did upgrade by mistake Sandbox Application and Refactoring UI to 13.1 (while XWiki.org has been upgraded to 12.10.5). Performing those upgrades is not a big issue: it only update some wiki pages. In my case I downgraded them afterwards without any problem.

The reason why those applications are proposed to be upgraded is because they don’t have any dependencies, they are just modules with wiki pages, so the resolution of the extension doesn’t see any conflict for upgrading and propose the upgrade.

However, that’s indeed not expected and we probably need to provide some dependencies to those extensions, I’m thinking in particular about Invitation Application and XWiki Platform Refactoring. I’ll create JIRA tickets.

EDIT: Created Loading... and the related tickets for it

So there is actually different issues here:

  • as @surli explained EM find compatible upgrades for those extensions because those extensions don’t have any kind of constraint (no dependency which is wrong) so from its point of view they are compatible with pretty much anything
  • but the updater is not even supposed to try to find upgrades for dependencies (and those are still dependencies in your case), so that’s a regression, I created Loading...

That’s what I assumed. :slight_smile: