[XWiki LTS v15.10.11] Foreign languages in the right sidebar

this has happened before in the other non LTS editions, (Foreign (exotic) languages appearing in the section My Recent Modification) for instance at the moment in our test install XWiki Debian 16.5.0 the right sidebar does not show any foreign language, whereas, in the LTS recent install I can see several languages, none of them being English as it should. Here are two screenshots.
Can someone tell me what you think?
Above, this is what shows in the sidebar

Above, is the localization setup in the Administration section

The current behavior is that all languages are shown, see xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-panels/xwiki-platform-panels-ui/src/main/resources/Panels/MyRecentModifications.xml at 788d6762ad4a40baf7be870656daa58722bbf0a4 · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub (from master).

This panel has not been touched since December 2018 where the translated docs are marked with a suffix (if they have been changed by the current user ofc).

IMO you don’t see that in your other instance simply because you haven’t changed the translations.

I’m checking with the rest of the team in case we have fixed some bug regarding translations somewhere that could impact this.

IMO you don’t see that in your other instance simply because you haven’t changed the translations.

I don’t change the localization or any translation of any kind in any of the test installs we have and that I manage, for the simple reason is that the default in English is what we need and use.

Here is a pic of the 16.5.0 localization section in the Administration, it is the default untouched.

I am very much interested to follow up on this matter, because although non blocking for the use, it does not look very consistant.

Maybe not voluntarily but when you install or upgrade an extension, you do since you do that with your logged in user. See the various pages and check their history to see the author of the changes.

It seems that the pages in your recent changes screenshot above is the home page. If you’ve upgraded the wiki, then it’s likely you also got changes for the translations of the home page.

Well, in the LTS install, v15.10.11 there is no page at all yet as I have not started importing anything from Confluence, and there is no other user than the administrator either.

The other install is not used either, it is the test install where I have imported several spaces and having been under testing for important and many less important features and details, and all people (not many) who created pages all use English and nothing else.

About the extensions updated I have kept track of them along with the updates of the engine (dates, names and versions of the different extensions, since november 2023 2nd.

If you would want me to look at some specific place, would you provide me with a step by step instruction?

An upgrade has been performed on June 28th from version 15.10.10 to 15.10.11. this is the only thing I know. I don’t believe the issue is on our side (again, this is a pristine install, no content added yet).

There are plenty of pages in an empty wiki! Hundreds of them. Again, your screenshot above seems to point to the Main.WebHome page (ie the home page of the wiki). Are you saying you don’t have a home page in your wiki, that would be very strange…

This is not what I am saying, indeed. Just why do we have several languages other than English to point to the Home page, instead of just one in English? This should not happen, IMO, especially as we never did anything to trigger that behaviour. :slight_smile:

You can consider it a limitation of XWiki! When you install an extension and it has pages in various translations, you get all the translations installed (even if you don’t use the languages).

Note that you can remove a translation, see https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/FAQ/How%20do%20I%20remove%20a%20translation%20of%20a%20page%20without%20removing%20the%20page

In previous cases I had met with some Russian, some Indonesian I think, some Ukrainian, in this case it’s all European languages.
Each time I have hit this issue it has always been related to the Home page link, and nothing else, and obviously it is the case again now.
With that it mind, isn’t it possible to narrow where the issue comes from more precisely?

PS: it is the selector:
.PanelsMyRecentModifications > div:nth-child(2)
class xwikipanelcontents.

There are several pages bundled in XS and that have translations: home page, sandbox, syntax help. If the translations for these pages are updated, then the user who upgrades XWiki will see in his “Recently Modified” Panel the changes.

This panel only lists the last 5 changes so you won’t see all language changes in there.

Then is there any possible option to have only the changes done by the users displayd at that place?

It’s a known limitation. When you upgrade an extension, XWiki considers that YOU are doing the changes, and not some system user. So the answer is no ATM. It’s been discussed several times and there are some jiras to improve this but it’s not done and it’s not planned so far (but anyone can submit some Pull Reques to fix it).

I guess one option would be to modify the panel and check if the page belongs to an extension (that could be costly in term of execution time though).

Alright, thank you for the explanation.

I guess the easiest workaround if you want to avoid install/upgrades related change to be associated with your user would be to do them with a dedicated user. It all depends if the most annoying for you is having to use another user or to see changes you made when installing/upgrading extensions.

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I thank you very much! I had not realized this was only seen by the admin account and not by other users connected to the wiki, for some reason it had not occured to me!