Xwiki-macro-map not working because of missing API key

Guys I’m facing problems with org.xwiki.contrib:xwiki-macro-map, return missing API key error, I found a open ticket about this Loading... , and in one of the replys say:

We need to:
Create a KEY for testing/development
In XWiki.MapMacro in the JSX object replace
require([‘https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=[\_\_\_]&callback=initMap’] …

Where can I edit this file to make this work?

(posting my comment from IRC)

XWiki.MapMacro is a wiki page, you can access it with <server>/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/MapMacro . You need to edit this page in object mode and look for the JSX (JavaScriptExtension) object (if you don’t have the advanced edit menu then you need to configure your user profile to be an advanced user).

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