XWiki meetup at the OW2con 2018

XWiki, along with one of its sponsoring companies, XWiki SAS, will host a meetup during the OW2con 2018!

This meetup will consist in a presentation of one extended usage of the product by a team at the “SNCF Mobilités”, the main french railroad company ; a talk from @vmassol about the new features released in the last versions of XWiki (9.X and 10.X) ; and a discussion time about the possible feature needs from XWiki users. This is also a great occasion to meet some of the XWiki users and contributors in real life and to exchange about your experience of the product.

The event itself will be held on June 7th, between 1PM and 3:30PM, on the location of the OW2con, which is in Châtillon, in the south of Paris. Please note that this event will be held in french for the main talks.

To participate to the event, simply register to the OW2con conference using the following link and specify that you want to attend to the “XWiki Meetup” : OW2con'18 Tickets, Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 9:30 AM | Eventbrite. An ID will also be required to access the event.

Don’t hesitate to add a comment below to let us now that you’ll be here :smile: ! Here are other links that you can access to get more detailed information about the OW2con, and the event itself.

The OW2con website : OW2con'18 - OW2con
The XWiki Meetup page : XWiki Meet-Up - OW2con
A blog post on the XWiki SAS website about the event : We’re hosting an XWiki Meetup on the 7th of June 2018 - XWiki

So who’s coming? :slight_smile:

If you’re coming and you’d like to discuss about a specific point or are interested by a feature you’d like to get a demo of, suggest ideas about what to implement in the future, feel free to add a comment below.

On my side I’ll be there and will talk about what’s new in XWiki: top 10 improvements in the 9.x and 10.x cycle, some stats, and will open the discussion about the future.

Hello, I forgot to visit Paris yesterday (I miss your post here :frowning: )
Do you have some video, slide to share (about SNCF presentation: the creation of new procedures for the platform’s information management, a new blog, a new media library and PDF export)?

Pascal B

It wasn’t recorded but it’s likely that XWiki SAS will post a blog post about the meetup in the coming days. I’ll add a link here when this happens.

No news about SNCF presentation? Ce que vous avez manqué lors de la rencontre XWiki à OW2con - XWiki

No I don’t think it’s been published. Also it was mostly a demo so it wouldn’t be interesting to have just the slides. Sorry :slight_smile: