XWiki Meetup @ San Francisco in October 2018

Hi everyone,

From October 15th to October 19th, Anca Luca, @ldubost and I will be present in the San Francisco area after the 2018 edition of the GSoC Mentor Summit.

At this occasion, we would like organize a meetup with any XWiki user or contributor living in this area to have a beer and discuss about the project itself, but also about other projects that we are working on, such as Cryptpad.

We are currently searching for people interested in this event and a place to organize it, thus, if you live in the SF bay, please don’t hesitate to ping us in this thread so that we can set-up something more concrete in the coming days!

EDIT: If you want to meet us, please use this pad instead. Thanks!



I would like to meet you three in person; however it would be difficult to gain travel approval for an “informal” meeting as I am in Ohio.

I would love to see an annual XWiki conference similar to the Enterprise MediaWIki Conference. I attended EMWCon 2017 in the DC area. This conference served as an excellent networking opportunity and helped focus our data modeling efforts. The general EMWCon format (2/2.5 days of talks followed by 0.5/1 days of hands-on workshops) works well. Specifically, the “Hands On” workshop day would be invaluable for XWiki as I’m still trying to learn how to create and utilize class structures.

I see the strong user community of MediaWiki as well as the ease and speed of manipulating semantic data (via Semantic MediaWiki) as the only two advantages MediaWiki has over XWiki.

Hil @nha4601!

I see what you mean, unfortunately, it’s very difficult for us to come to the US & organize such event, mostly because more than 90% of the committers are based in the EU but also because we are not really sure to have a strong community presence in the US to be certain to gather people to such event.

Last year, we performed a serie of “XWiki User Meetups” online where it was quite easy to join and discuss about your experience with the product. @vmassol, maybe we could try to revive the idea ?

Done: see https://forum.xwiki.org/t/meetup-8-on-google-hangouts-on-air-take-2/3583/3 :slight_smile:

Actually we also did some this year, we just stopped before the holiday period because I wasn’t available to organize them and nobody stepped up :wink: To see all the past meetups, and the recordings, see https://forum.xwiki.org/tags/meetup