Xwiki on synology

I am trying to install xwiki on a synology NAS DS918+, but still without success.
I hope somebody is willing to describe how to do this?

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Hi, what is special with a " synology NAS DS918+"? Is it a linux system? Do you have ssh shell access?

What did you do? What are the problems?



I used the procudure found on xwiki How to install XWiki using Docker - XWiki

I am not sure but it looks like there is no connection to the created database.
When browsing it stays a long time at initializing at 12%.

If you wish i can send you the log information, but this is a long list.

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Well we can’t help you with more information.

We just need to xwiki logs at the start. If it’s a long list then it means there are problems since it’s supposed to be almost empty.


How much RAM and CPU do you have?


Cpu intel celeron j3455
Memmory 8gb

I think the next message shows my problem.
2020-06-09 09:38:45,018 [Core extension repository updater] ERROR aultExtensionRepositoryManager - Unexpected error when trying to find extension [commons-daemon:commons-daemon/1.2.2] in repository [maven-xwiki:maven:Index of /groups/public]

org.xwiki.extension.ResolveException: Failed to resolve artifact [commons-daemon:commons-daemon:jar:1.2.2] descriptor

I can see on that site the extension is available.
When i browse to that location

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So you have internet access to nexus.xwiki.org from that machine running XWiki? Do you have a proxy?

Could you paste the full stack trace you have?

For my NAS I do not use a proxy server.
But it looks like it cannot resolve names correctly.
I will try to use another dns server, because the NAS is also my dns server.

xwikilog.txt (42.2 KB)


He He, I am successful to install it onto a synology :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not know much about xwiki or docker.
The problem was the connection from inside a container to internet.
Inside a container devices are receiving an 172.x.x.x IP address.
And my internet router does not know this, so I add a static route for the 172.x.x.x network to my NAS.
After this I could ping the container IP addresses, but the container devices still cannot ping something.
The cause of this the Firewall off my NAS.
Now Xwiki is running.

Next step is:

  • look what is possible with Xwiki
  • Is it possible to transfer documentation created in Xwiki to other applications?
  • How to make backups and restore these to a newly created Xwiki installation.
  • Can we use Single Sign On (SSO) for users?

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