XWiki-Page modifications are not replicating with another xwiki server

Hi Team, Greetings!!
I have configured two xwiki web server with MariaDB galera database master to master replication based. Whenever i creating new pages with one server, it’s replicating properly with another server, Same way vise versa.

But whenever i editing the pages or added the comments on already created pages it’s not replicating with another server. Am not sure how to fix. Please guide me how to achieve this live replications on whenever modifying pages.

So your config is 2 xwiki instances talking to the same DB, right?

Have you configured clustering for the 2 XWiki instances?

Hi vmassol,

Yes i configured two xwiki instance with two database. The database are cluster mode via galera master to master replication basis. But not the xwiki cluster synchronisation.

ok. From XWiki’s POV the URL to the DB need to be the same or point to content that is the same. I don’t really see the relationship with XWiki TBH.

This kind of setup is not supported in XWiki. XWiki has caches and other data like attachments or the search index that are not stored in the database and thus also need to be synchronized. For this kind of setup, you need a proper clustering setup in XWiki.

Hi vmassol & MichaelHamann,
Thanks a lot for your supports. Am not get the clear steps to deploy the clustering setups with my rocky linux environment. Can i get the step by step process to deploy this cluster setup with backend of mariadb?.

The documentation I linked to mentions all necessary steps for a clustering setup. It even links to a step-by-step tutorial. Feel free to ask if any of these steps aren’t clear. If you need someone to really guide you through this setup, I suggest getting professional support as this is beyond what we can provide in this forum.