XWiki performance test

Hi,Everybody is good
I used version 10.4 and I did a performance test on XWiki save.

Below is my operation

First I found the save method

I found that the notify method took a lot of time.Can this code be deleted?


Hope to receive your reply.

All the notify method does is calling listeners so what is slow is not notify() but one (or more) of the listeners which reacted to this document saved event.

Thank you, i get that.

I removed the notify() method to see if it has an effect on saving.

thank you.

@tmortagne About this, it would be very interesting to have debug perf info about listener execution in the elapsed time tree (https://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Debugging#HElapsedtimetree). Maybe we already have it (didn’t check).

EDIT: maybe that tree is only for the “view” action actually :wink:


This is a very bad idea since very important features are implemented trough listeners (search index, notification saving, various important caches invalidations, etc.).

Thank you. I agree with you :grinning: