Xwiki plugin throwing permission denied error for most plugins on OpenShift

Hosting on cloud have no issues but features are limited. Is it not possible to add on top of plugins on cloud.

What error?

Xwiki recommended version 11 for hosting on cloud and for deploying on OpenShift.
With v11 on OpenShift we see service gateway and permission denied issues for most of the plugins.
Hosting on cloud have no issues but features are limited. We thought of hosting drwa.io on AKS cluster
to integrate with xwiki but site is restricted to add on top plugins.

Where did you see that?

The xwiki project’s LTS is 11.10.x . That’s for all packagings. We don’t have any official packaging for OpenShift. I have no idea what “hosting on cloud” means since the technologies are widely different depending on what cloud you’re referring to. You can use the xwiki docker image for ex and it’ll work just fine. Same for other packagings. We have plenty of cloud deployments that we know of and they work perfectly well.

I don’t know OpenShift. Never used it. But I don’t see why it would be different. BTW xwiki doesn’t have plugins so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Extensions? Which one?

My feeling is that your setup is just incorrect. I don’t see any problem with XWiki at this stage.


Thank You so much for explaining this.
Well my original question was that if we host Xwiki package on Cloud then there should not be any issue(permissions issue) in installing plugins (Yes i meant extensions like draw.io) , Right?
Since we are getting permission denied then it could be some permission issue and Xwiki has no restriction as such extensions install when it is hosted on Cloud.

The Diagram Application bundles the draw.io library so you don’t need to host it. External draw.io service is used only for:

  • PDF export from the diagram editor
  • PNG export on Internet Explorer 11 and below

Besides that everything is included in the Diagram Application you install with the Extension Manager on top of XWiki.

@mflorea @vmassol Thanks for your response.
We are trying to deploy Xwiki package on Azure cloud and we are successfully able to do so but when trying to install extensions on the top of it, we are getting permission denied. So my question is “Is this the usual behavior of Xwiki (i.e not allow extensions to install when Xwiki is deployed on Azure cloud) or it could be issue with the deployment ?”

Hi. As I mentioned we cannot help you without seeing the error from xwiki, is the XWiki stack traces. If you don’t have any then the problem is not coming from xwiki. Thanks

Wild guess: Maybe you haven’t provided Programming Rights to the User installing extensions. That’s needed to install jar extensions for exemple.

@vmassol : Thanks Vincent.

So Vincent , can i use

this extension for my xwiki hosted on cloud as this is non-paid.
Thanks in advance.

You can use any extension. You just need to install them with a user having Programming Rights. See https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Access%20Rights/ and https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Access%20Rights/Permission%20types/#HProgrammingRight



This forum is for the xwiki open source project. We don’t host any wiki except on myxwiki.org. If you’re referring to https://xwiki.com/en/try-xwiki/ then this is a commercial company, separate from the open source project and you should probably contact them. Maybe they have restrictions on what you can install, I don’t know.

Thanks Vincent.
So in the “Tested On” section of https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Diagram%20Application
this extension it says , latest tested on “Xwiki 9.8.1” version. Does that mean it won’t work with latest Xwiki v11 version?

No. We’re very careful about backward compatibility when changing out APIs so if it works on 9.8.1 it should work on newer versions of XWiki, but of course, since it wasn’t tested on XWiki 11 it means there can be unknown / hidden problems that you may encounter.

Note that if you like the XWiki open source project then by buying a license for a paid app you are in fact contributing to the development of XWiki. But if you bought a cloud instance then it means you are already doing this, which is great and we are thankful.


Thank you for the info.
I was thinking of implementing below extension https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Diagram%20Application

but i am unable to find it’s docker reference for it.