XWiki Profile page not visible to non-admin user

Hi all,

I face a strange situation in XWiki. I’m the new admin and when I create a user which doesn’t have admin rights, I would like them to change their own password after they login using the default password I was given to them. But, the strange thing was, that they can’t view and edit their own profile page, only those who are given the “Admin” right can access their profile page and other’s people profile page.

May I know if there are any settings that I can look at to enable users to view their own profiles and restrict access to other user’s profiles?

The XWiki version is 12.1.

Hello @alexng116,

We only support a few versions of XWiki, and 12.1 support has been dropped about one year ago.
I advise you to upgrade to our Long Term Support (LTS) version - 13.10.7 currently - and see if your problem persists.

Now, if you don’t want to upgrade, I hope somebody will be able to help :slight_smile: