XWiki Releasing to the Snap Store

Hey guys,
The XWiki snap is around 700MB and it is not feasible for everyone to build the snap and test it.
Thus I would like to create a developer account and publish the XWiki snap under the beta channel to the Snapcraft Store. Making it easier for other developers to test the snap and get valuable feedback.
Contrib repo of the snap

It would also be preferable if the XWiki organization would create a developer account where I would be able to push the snap. (if the above doesn’t sound like a good idea )
: )

+1, imo the goal should be to be able to have an XWiki instance running by simply executing snap install xwiki (and nothing more).
And to see XWiki being upgraded by calling snap refresh.
Publishing a new version on the snap store should require as little manual operation from the maintainers part as possible.

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