Xwiki rendering errors

Hi team,

i was able to install and migrate data to xwiki but i’m facing issues when i create new documents and edit the existing documents.

The log erros

ERROR o.a.v.rendering - Left side ($unlicensedSheets.size()) of comparison operation has null value at xwiki:Licenses.Code.MissingLicensesUIX^X

Thanks in adavance

Hi @hermanmaleiane,

Your are facing after deletion of the recommended antivirus extension there are are messages in catalina.out about Licenses.Code.MissingLicensesUIX · Issue #86 · xwikisas/application-licensing · GitHub (Left side ($unlicensedSheets.size()) of comparison operation has null value) in combination with an outdated version of Licensing application (Deprecated usage of getter [org.xwiki.velocity.tools.CollectionsTool.getSet]).

Hope it helps,

Hi @acotiuga,
Thanks for replying.
I have deleted the extensions directory from previous version 11 and now i’m using xwiki version 14.10.4 with new extensions.
When i search for the respective extension i only find for version 15 and it’s not compatible with version 14.10.4 and i can find it on extensions UI (https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/UIExtension%20Module).

How can i get the right extension and fix the issue.

@hermanmaleiane is there any XWiki Pro extension installed on you wiki? If yes, you can try to update one of them. Otherwise, you can completely uninstall the Licensing application.