XWiki server migration with a different URL


When we migrate XWiki on another server with a different URL is there a way to migrate data in a nice way ?
I have notice that in the XWiki database in V9.10.1 there is a lot of place where there is the whole URL and not the relative URL.
The “table.column” I have identified are :

  • activitystream_events.ase_url
  • xwikidoc.xwd_content
  • xwikilargestrings.xwl_value
  • xwikilinks.xwl_link
  • xwikipreferences.xwp_admin_email
  • xwikircs.xwr_patch
  • xwikirecyclebin.xdd_fullname
  • xwikistrings.xws_value

There is also the same problem on the filesystem probably.

Camille Desmots