XWiki Standard 11.10 Roadmap

Hi Devs,

Here’s a proposal for XS 11.10.


  • November 2019


Leftover work from 11.9:

  • Finish "Ability to easily export only content from the XWiki Administration - Marius
    • Work done but on a branch (didn’t make it for 11.9)
  • Video macro as default in XWiki - Marius
    • Need to decide how to do it for the least maintenance
    • Also need to decide if we continue to bundle contrib extensions (Vincent: not my preference)
  • Configurable Class should support page level configurations - Marius

New work:

  • Main work: Bug fixes and stabilize the cycle - All
  • Improve the DW extensions step to make easier to upgrade from current LTS - Thomas
    • Loading...
    • better default actions
      • propose to uninstall invalid extensions which used to be dependencies instead of repairing/upgrading them (Watchlist use case)

Let me know if you have comments/feedback.


I’ve updated https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/

@Devs: please edit the page and add the discrete jira issues to 11.10 that correspond to the high level tasks listed.


Reminder: 11.10 is our last minor release of the cycle. After that we’ll release bugfix releases only. Thge idea is to plan 2 releases in December, one every 2 weeks, to have a LTS at end of December.