XWiki Standard Common Application vs XWiki Standard Flavor

This is a question that has been bothering me for awhile…

During the xwiki update process, I get the following screen:
Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 17.42.05

This started coming up a few versions back - I forget when.

Is the xwiki standard common application now depreciated? If so, should I just go ahead and replace it with the xwiki standard flavor? Or should I just continue updating the xwiki standard common application as I have been doing?

What effect will it have on my wiki if I do so switch flavors?


XWiki Standard Common Application never been a top level flavor. As the name suggests, it’s a dependency of XWiki Standard Flavor and XWiki Standard Flavor for sub-wikis containing common stuff.

Seems to me what happen is that you uninstalled the flavor by mistake (most probably by uninstalling some of its dependencies) and answered “yes” (the default) when the orphan extensions step during the following upgrade asked you if you wanted to make the orphaned dependency XWiki Standard Common Application top level.

I’ve done so many things to my wiki over the years that it is hard to remember what I did.

Should I try to install the xwiki standard flavor (after a backup, of course) to resolve this issue?

Yes, it would be cleaner.