XWiki updated Snap Published on snap Store


The new version of the XWiki snap has been released to the snap store . (xwiki-snap)
This snap includes xwiki along with the Jetty Servlet Container and HSQLDB database.
It is far easier to install and run than the previous version of the snap.

To start the xwiki run:

  • sudo xwiki.start

This should start xwiki on http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/.

If some previous instance of XWiki is running, then you can stop it with the following command:

  • sudo xwiki.stop

To edit the config files, go to var/snap/xwiki/12/xwiki-platform-distribution-jetty-hsqldb-13.10.8` . The files here are editable with elevated privileges. Restart XWiki for the changes to take effect.

I would love to get your feedback :slight_smile:

changed the xwiki directory from var/snap/xwiki/12/ to var/snap/xwiki/common/
Here 12 was supposed to be the revision number on the snapcraft-store.