Xwiki upgrade to 9.11.4: DW issue and quick access page removed?

I have a pain point and one DW bug with my xwiki upgrade to 9.11.4 version.
I’m upgrading from 8.4.6 version.
First, the bug with DW (that we can simply avoid when you going back to previous page and click again on check extension upgrade):
When xwiki DW displayed a big list of extension to upgrade, we can click on Page 2 to watch the end of te list but tis error are displayed:

Failed to execute the [velocity] macro. Cause: [fromIndex(5) > toIndex(3)].
Caused by: org.apache.velocity.exception.MethodInvocationException: Invocation of method 'subList' in  class java.util.ArrayList threw exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: fromIndex(5) > toIndex(3) at 60:/templates/distribution.vm[line 1606, column 25]

Second point after xwiki upgraded: Ctrl + G shortcut to access at any page is not there anymore…

By the way, it seems this LT on the FAQ page have horizontal scroll: https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/AllDocs

If anyone have ideas to help me.


Sounds like Loading.... It usually means you upgraded some extension in the list but the pagination is not updated in live. I doubt you need to go back and forth, a simple refresh should be enough.

You should probably try to clean your browser cache since the way to deal with shortcuts changed a lot. At least Ctrl+g works fine for me on 9.11.4 (FF 59.0.2 on Ubuntu 17.10).

I tried it, refresh the page when the error message is displayed it doesn’t work. Refresh after a previous page work (not the same URL) fix the issue.

yes it work on another FF ty.
Hum strange because on same FF dev edition 59.0b3 (64 bits), it’s working on 8.4.6 but not on 9.4.11 (I refresh the cache). ok then :zipper_mouth_face:

Simple question: how do you refresh your cache @Pbas ? Maybe you did a simple refresh and not a « forced » one ?

I use Ctrl+F5.

but maybe is a shortcut conflict because my Ctrl G open FF feature (search in the page) but I can not understand why it is work on old version. Anyways it doesn’t matter

I meant refresh after you upgrade some extension actually. Refresh won’t work as long as the URL tell it to access a page that does not work.

Is this some addon you installed ? Search in page is Ctrl+F in standard Firefox AFAIK.

no new addon installed. Yes Ctrl F is shortcut to search but I think Ctrl G is search next

Indeed, cool I learned something :slight_smile:

Still for me XWiki take precedence.

You are right it is my FF extension cause: uBlock Origin 1.15.24 (uBlock Origin – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)) is guilty and block Ctrl+G xwiki shortcut on FF :frowning:
Is is the same on my 2 FF version FF dev edition 59.0b3 (64 bits), 52.7.3 (64 bits) AND xwiki 9.11.4 version

Here ublock logger:
uBlock /keypress.js$script – script https://xxx.fr/webjars/wiki%3Axwiki/Keypress/2.1.5/keypress.js?r=1

Static filter /keypress.js$script found in: EasyPrivacy

It seems that Ublock Origins block Ctrl+G shortcut:
In uBlock origins settings:
Confidentiality -> EasyPrivacy checked

! Version: 201804011139
! Title: EasyPrivacy
! Last modified: 01 Apr 2018 11:39 UTC
! Expires: 4 days (update frequency)
! Homepage: https://easylist.to/
! Licence: https://easylist.to/pages/licence.html
! Please report any unblocked tracking or problems
! in the forums (https://forums.lanik.us/)
! or via e-mail (easylist.subscription@gmail.com).
! -----------------General tracking systems-----------------!
! *** easylist:easyprivacy/easyprivacy_general.txt ***

/keypress.js$script is blocked :frowning:

Ha indeed someone else reported the same issue with ublock vs keypress recently.

Yes, I have some difficulty to find already posted issue on forum. IMO mailing lists was better to find them with https://xwiki.markmail.org/search/? or google.

Can you give an example of what you cannot find?

Reminder to self: we need to upgrade discourse. I was doing it initially but we’re now lagging behind a lot.

Don’t worry it was on a chat :slight_smile:

ie "xwiki" customize login.vm - Recherche Google but I think I found more help on old mailing list because there are much more information … for instant :slight_smile:

But I wondered if google/ can find news inside discourse bc I had no answer with it.

I checked that and it seems forum posts are indexed. For example: “"Xwiki 10.2 busy cpu" - Recherche Google

Yes right thxs.

By the way, maybe a FAQ entry that list naughty FF extension against xwiki ?

Sure please go ahead :slight_smile: