Xwiki URL not accessible from Excel

We’re running xwiki 14.6 (tomcat9) on a local debian 11. We configured xwiki to be accessible via https and port 8443 e.g. https://localIP:8443/xwiki/bin/view/IT%20Wiki/Knowledge%20%28allgemein%29/ISDN%20Cause%20Codes%2C%20SIP%20Codes/ which works fine as long as we dont try to access the link out of excel.

As we’re only accessing xwiki locally, we have a local (non official) signed certificate which is shown as "not secure (in german: “Nicht sicher”) but opened without any problems.

Trying to open the link https://localIP:8443 also works without any problems. Trying to add anything like “/xwiki” or “/xwiki/bin/view/Main/” leads to the error message.

We do have another debian (apache-) Webserver with a locally signed certificate which can be accessed out of excel.

Is there anyone who can help? Would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi Markus,
it looks like this is a Security Feature inside Excel. Pls check if this one helps:
Enable or disable security alerts about links and files from suspicious websites

greetings from DE :slight_smile:

Thank you TheBob,

we tried that already. Strange thing is that we can open the top level which ist the default site of tomcat9 but aren’t able to go into the xwiki-level of that site.

Greetings from :austria: :slight_smile:

Hi Markus,
may be the problem is caused by missing cookies when you go into xwiki-level of your site, may be this helps:


Thank you Norbert. We’ll look into this as well. As we would have to change registry it’s unlikely to be rolled out system wide (Terminal Server environment).

E.g. the links are working if used out of Libre office.

Hence, it’s more a M$ problem than a xwiki issue.


Hi Norbert, we tried following the steps in the link you provided. Unfortunately it didn’t make any difference.

Thanks anyhow