XWiki v13 mysql ARM Docker Images


There doesn’t appear to be any ARM based images for XWiki v13 with mysql on Docket Hub; there are ARM images for xwiki with postgres and mariadb.

Is there a possibility for ARM based images for the mysql variant to be created please? Is there something I can do to help make that happen?


Hi Alex. We had this comment: official-images/library/xwiki at master · docker-library/official-images · GitHub

But it seems that support arm64 architecture · Issue #318 · docker-library/mysql · GitHub is now closed and that there are images pushed 21 days ago at https://hub.docker.com/_/mysql?tab=tags. However, it’s only the 8.0.x tags that support arm64v8.

I guess we just need to say that the xwiki image for mysql supports ARM and it’s up to the user to choose an ARM-supported version of MySQL. Will do that.

PR sent at MySQL 8 now supports ARM by vmassol · Pull Request #12278 · docker-library/official-images · GitHub

Thank you @vmassol, that’s great!

Maybe you can clear up some confusion for me please? I’m surprised that the xwiki docker image was held up by mysql supporting armv8 as the xwiki image doesn’t have any dependency on an mysql image does it or have I missed something? AFAICT, it uses the mysql lib jars, includes an init script, etc. but nothing binary that would be affected by an architecture.

Yes you’re right. But AFAIR it was refused by the maintainer for the dockerhub official library. Maybe we failed to communicate that the XWiki image wasn’t affected, idk. Anyway it’s good now if it gets applied.

Ok, that’s great, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll keep an eye on Dockerhub, on the status of the MR, etc.

Thanks again.