15.2 Links behind images disappear when writing a new link on the page

Since updating to 15.2 we figured out a problem.
On a starting page are some Images (Symbols etc.) with a link to the concerning page in the wiki.
But now, when we put a new link somewhere on the page, the links connected to the images dissappear.
You can put new links on the images and after saving the links are working. But you have to renew the links of all images at once. If you save the page and go on with the next link the other links behind images will disappear again.

Someone has an idea?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @COW , thanks for the report.
I reproduced the issue. You can follow the progress here Loading...
It should be fixed for XWiki 15.3/14.10.9.

And sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello @mleduc , thank you very much!

Done, the fix will be available in XWiki 15.3 and 14.10.9.

Thanks again for the report.

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Thank you very much.

This is why we love xwiki!

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