Image references modified internally in the source text of the page

Hello everyone,

(This problem seems similar to 15.2 Links behind images disappear when writing a new link on the page)

After the last upgrade (now v.16.3), I’ve been editing a new rather long page, using lots of images attached. Overnight, xwiki modified somehow the image link and made “disappear” all previous images. Somehow, the image link has been internally re-written as you can see in the source sections below, where first reference below for “GetImage (22).jpeg” - this is the sectin as is now - this is NOT how I left the page saved yesterday. The following section with reference to “GetImage (23).jpeg” is the pattern that I have been using to add all the image references on that page.

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*** As is today, with the link modified by xwiki, without my intervention. ***
(% style=“width:480px” %)[[image:/xwiki/bin/download/Sailing/Boat%20Maintenance/Metal%20Corrosion/Bronze%20and%20Brass/WebHome/GetImage%20%2822%29.jpeg?rev=1.1||alt=“GetImage (22).jpeg”]]|The valve material cannot be blamed in this instance! The boat was wintered ashore with the seacocks closed. Water contained in the valve froze, fracturing the body.

**** All images were added using a pattern like this: ***
|(% style=“width:480px” %)[[image:GetImage (23).jpeg]]|Although beautifully installed, these valves supplying the heads of a nearly new, high quality yacht are almost certainly made of brass. DZR brass and bronze are not chrome plated to our knowledge. It is likely, from further correspondence, that the skin fittings and hose tails are also made from brass. The response of the manufacturer, in common with that of many others, is that they have had no problems reported to them.

Hello @iabmatos,
Can you show us the history of a page that has been wrongly modified, with the content before the issue, and after the issue?

Help mleduc,

The history does not show much. Upgrade to v.16.3.0 was on Apr 30th. I have not noticed anything wrong until this problem. I’ve checked a few old pages with attached images and those seem OK.

As I mentioned, I’ve never edited the page to format the table using an image link such as that example:

“|(% style=“width:480px” %)[[image:/xwiki/bin/download/Sailing/Boat%20Maintenance/Metal%20Corrosion/Bronze%20and%20Brass/WebHome/GetImage%20%2822%29.jpeg?rev=1.1||alt=“GetImage (22).jpeg”]]|…”

The link was changed internally by xwiki.

The page, as I edited manually in the source, I was originally using (with copy and paste), again as example:

“|(% style=“width:480px” %)[[image:GetImage (23).jpeg]]|…”

I’m yet to see other similar changes made internally by xwiki to cause an error like this, and I don’t know where that image link came from.

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Good People,

I cannot explain the problem. Since it seems limited to that occurrence. I’ve fixed manually the source replacing those 20~ links that got somehow re-written.

I’m considering it now closed, If I ever see this problem re-occur, I’ll report back.

Many thanks,