Access rights - view only one page (tree)

Hey guys,

I want to have an external group for my xwiki, which has no rights whatsoever per default. They can only login. I then want to be able to give them access to single pages (and their children). I did get this to work easily. Unfortunately, macros such as the document tree or custom stylesheets from the theme are not loaded. Is this a bug? Or did I do something wrong?

How do I allow all core functionality for this group?

Thanks in advance

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Many features of XWiki are defined in wiki pages and so if your users don’t have view access to those pages then they can’t use those features. This includes some wiki macros (such as the document tree), color themes, skins, live tables, search, etc.

For the document tree macro, you need to give view right to XWiki.DocumentTree and XWiki.DocumentTreeMacros pages.

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