Hiding pages/spaces in document tree/search from unregistered users

I’m a new user here with a first post… though I’ve been lurking for about a year! :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading the forum for quite a bit trying to understand better how to manage rights to pages and theme, skin, macros, etc. while keeping many things hidden from unregistered users.

As explained here, macros need to be accessible for them to be useful to unregistered users. That being said, I’d prefer not having all those pages (macro pages, user profiles… the entire XWiki space, really) show up in search, navigation (document tree/breadcrumbs), etc.

From what I’ve been reading in this post, setting all pages (and children pages) in a space to “hidden” should solve this issue. I’ve also read about language/translation of pages here and we do not have any of those.

Anything else I am missing to ensure a clean view of my xwiki/subwiki for my unregistered users (our main type of users)?

Thanks for any assistance or leads the community can provide! :slight_smile:

P.-S.: I’m using 10.11 on tomcat 8.

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Also a secondary issue from trying to fix this… I seem to be unable to set to “hidden” pages of the profile of users of a subwiki.
The profiles are always visible to unregistered users. Is it possible to move where the profile pages are created so that I can hide them? If not, is there another way to go about this that I have not yet figured out?

Where exactly? I just tried and the hidden user profile page doesn’t appear in the breadcrumb tree and neither in the search.

No. Hiding the user profile page at its current location should be enough.

OK, so I got all my hidden pages hidden now!
None of them show up in document tree/breadcrumbs for any user that does not see hidden pages (of course, including unregistered users who see nothing hidden by default).

My one last problem is when I go and browse to the “Page Index” as an unregistered user.
Most of my hidden pages do not show up, which is good.
But, some do show up there… even though they are hidden and do not show up in document
tree/breadcrumbs. It should be noted that those pages also have “View” right denied for unregistered users, too, so they really shouldn’t show up at all, no?

So, this is a two part question: 1) Can I make this page index now show those pages that just won’t hide? :stuck_out_tongue:
2) Or, alternatively, can I hide the page index for unregistered users?

Thanks for the help!