Announcement of the Wiki 3.0 (Name pending) project and status


I’m very happy to announce the start of a new project currently named Wiki 3.0 (until a new name is chosen as discussed in Wiki 3.0 Project name brainstorming - #3 by amilica).

This project is part of a funding granted to XWiki SAS through collaborative projects (more information about these projects is available here: France 2030 cloud strategy: XWiki SAS receives significant funding for XWiki and CryptPad - XWiki)

The current information about the project is available on the design Wiki: Wiki 3.0 (Proposal.Wiki30.WebHome) - XWiki with a tentative roadmap at Roadmap (Proposal.Wiki30.Roadmap.WebHome) - XWiki

On this same roadmap page, you will see the current status of the work on the project, including the prototype work which is now published at Wiki30 / XWiki Experimental APIs for Wiki 3.0 Prototype · GitLab

I’ll send a more detailed POST about this prototype soon, explaining the work that has been done and the outcome in terms of technology choices. The roadmap already takes into account the work done on this prototype.

We’ll send regularly updates about this project in this category on the forum. Do not hesitate to participate in these topics and give us feedback. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make things right for this new generation Wiki interface.