Any luck with Office365 Authentication?

Has anyone been able to get Office365/Azure/OpenID Authentication to work?

The last I saw on these forum posts, no one was able to get it to work.

Issues with OpenID / Office365

Office 365 Login using Open ID Connect

Failed OpenID authentication with Azure AD using OIDC

However, OIDC-46 shows as resolved/fixed.

Using it with version 10.11.x (Docker) for more than half a year.
Had to omit the trailing slash for xwiki.home (contrary to the documentation in xwiki.cfg).

@masi, when you have a moment, can you elaborate on how you have it set up or link to the documentation you followed?

I followed the OpenID Connect Authenticator documentation:

Had to put the values (endpoints, client identifier, secret, …) from AzureAD into and removed the “” from oidc.user.nameFormater (superfluous with only one host), but left most of it unchanged. Then activated it in xwiki.cfg.

The authentication could be tested well with a localhost installation, so there was no need to set up a public instance for testing purposes. The problem with the trailing slash did not appear until the public domain was used (but that might be server/tomcat specific).