Attachement are not recorded


I’m using Xwiki since 1 month, everything works well but we have an issue with attachement files.

First issue :
I can create a new page and insert 2 different pictures.

Then I save and quit and everything is ok.

After that, when I come back on the page and I had new picture after.

The 4 pictures are nice looking on the page but xwiki shows me only 2 attachements in the attachement menu.

Then I save, quit and reload the page but my pictures are not reachable anymore

I looked on docker logs, syslog but I found nothing. How can I fix it?

Second issue : (easier :slight_smile: )
I try to upload a file bigger than 1024kb, It starts well and load everything
But at the end, I have a red message telling me that the file is not uploaded

I went to https://mywiki/bin/edit/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?editor=object ==> XWikiPreferences 0: $tdoc.getRenderedTitle(‘plain/1.0’) - XWiki
and the limit size is “107374182400 bytes” . That means100Gb.

Can you please help me?

technical specifications :

  • OS : Ubuntu
  • SGBD : Pgsql 13
  • Docker version 20.10.21
  • XWiki 14.9
  • JAVA OPT : Xmx2048

Thank you !

If you are in docker please note that XWiki stores data in 2 places:

So you need to make sure they are both persisted in your docker setup, otherwise you’d be losing content.

You can also try to check if your images are available by checking the Attachments tab and the content of the files.
If the files are fine but still don’t show up in the page, then it’s probably a problem with the syntax of your page, you should check it by editing the page in wiki mode.

For the second problem, other users have mentioned here that you may need to change some configuration in the proxy, see here Problem with upload pdf and logo - #3 by lucaa .

Enjoy XWiki,