Community documentation support

As brought up in the recent meetup (8) both end users (myself included) brought up the same point that though the documentation for XWiki is certainly there, there are no step-by-steps or youtube walk through’s.

As @vmassol pointed out, it is very time consuming creating such documents or media due to the minor details between platforms and deprecation of old functionality.

It is my belief that if we could form a thread for documentation requests and have users willing to lend a hand do so, so we as a community can best determine what is missing where and create the more in-depth tutorials. This then allows the developers the freedom to develop and bring is great new features :slight_smile:

I for one would have no issue taking a step-by-step guide published by anyone and making a youtube video to cover it.

I just opened up this thread to see if any users would be interested in contributing back with my self to resolve any documentation lapses and help other users out


I’m ok to contribute to Xwiki documentation. I only need 2 things: a list of subjects we agree on to add or change, an english Xwiki platform in last version to make the necessary screen shots to make a useful documentation :grinning:.

Best regards,

I will see if @vmassol and the others agree (I Presume they will) and perhaps we can get a little more exposure on this one to get that last generated :slight_smile:

You should choose what you have experience on and what you’re interested in contributing to.

You can do 2 things:

  1. Edit an existing documentation page and improve it.
  2. Create some new doc page and link it from some places to make it discoverable

For 1) you can just log in on and edit the page, it’s a wiki :slight_smile:

For 2), you could create the new page in the drafts area of here: Then you can ask for feedback on this forum and/or ask where it should moved to and linked from.

This is easy, you can just download the XWiki zip (Standard Flavor Preinstalled, see for ex, unzip and you have a local instance on your machine! :slight_smile:

ofc I do agree! Bring it on! :slight_smile: