Company logo at the login page?

we have a Xwiki 11.10.10 on Tomcat and Postgres. User authentication by LDAP. All works fine. I wonder if i can change the login page to match the Wiki theme we use? At least i need the company logo at the login page. Now i only see a broken XWiki image link:
(Maybe the image is not accessible as there is no user connected yet at the login page?)
Any help highly appreciated.

Ok, i found the solution and want to answer my question myself:
As i assumed the visibility depends on the permission setting. If you want to display the logo at the login page you have to grant to permissions to unregistered users (as a user not logged in is an unregistered user for the wiki):

  • first: uncheck the “prevent unreg users from viewing pages” checkbox at the bottom of global rights page
  • second: grant unreg users to view the Default XWiki Skin page
  • third: grant view to unreg users to the page and children of your themes page
    Then all Theme settings like logo, fonts and colors apply already at the login screen
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This works !!, thanks