eMail Notification / XWiki Update to 9.7 done

Dear XWiki Members,

after having experienced difficulties with the eMail notification - it did not work before and is still not working right now, I would like to share my experiences and am hoping to get some ideas / help for a solution:

XWiki Relase: 9.7

What does work?
eMail notifications are sent, when sending a project page via eMail to an XWiki user…

What does not work as expected?
eMail Notification according to observed wiki pages / projects etc. do not work.
Not email notifications are sent…
I have checked any configuration items more than twice and cannot find any faults according to this.

But after the update something related to the notifications does not work:

If you lock into the Wiki the notifications are not loaded, so that there must be an error occured related to the update. What and where do I have to check to

  1. get this error solvied
  2. get eMail notifications as expected for any observed wiki page?

Thanks for your help!


Some questions:

Have you enabled the notification schedule, see ?

What did you check (hard to know from here)?

I think there’s some confusion between:

  • Watchlist Application (which is what you use when you toggle the buttons from your screenshot above)
  • Notifications Application (which is the new app for notification that’s still new and that’s meant to replace the watchlist in the future). The spinning wheel in your screenshot concerns the notifications applications.

So to remove any confusion, could you tell us exactly, step by step, what you do?

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What I like to get is eMail notifications for any wiki user according to observed pages, like for my user like:

(hourly, every changes)

The notification entries menu for my user do look like this:

Is this menu correct this way? There is no pencil for modifications…

In the area of global xwiki administration setting are set like this:

eMail sending does work when sending it like this:

But no XWiki user does get a notification via eMail right now if there are changes in a wiki document…
Also I can not resolve the error “AuthenticationFailedException: 535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6” coming up from:

The last related point OBFUSCATE EMAIL ADDRESSES is set to “no”

looking at I can not find anything to SMTP, notification or eMail for solving this

Hope this documentation helps…

Thanks for your help!


As I said it seems you’re confusing Watchlist app and Notifications app.

If you want to use the watchlist, then you need to read and follow what’s on

The notifications app is different and you don’t need it for your need FTM.

Side note: You seem to have an issue with your notifications app since the screenshot you’re showing looks very weird. @gdelhumeau: any idea?

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@gdelhumeau: any idea?

@vmassol: I think @Sascha is mixing the Watchlist and the Notifications App indeed.

This is an other evidence that replacing the Watchlist by the Notifications features is needed :slight_smile:.

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The notification entries menu for my user do look like this:

This screenshot actually shows something is wrong. The notification preferences section should not be empty.

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@gdelhumeau: Before the Update to XWiki 9.7 this section wasn’t empty at all. But I have no idea what’s wrong at all and where to check what…

What should I do, please?

@gdelhumeau @vmassol: If that would help I could offer you a login to take a look inside if you would be so kindly to offer such help you would do us a great favor.

@Sascha Is it now working when you use the Watchlist only to get email notifications of changes (again, don’t try to use the new notifications feature). Just use what’s described on

To be sure, could you show a screenshot of the watchlist tab in your user’s profile?

Yes, I checked it with the use of a test user and my user producing changed to observed pages and with comments on pages. Neither in case of page modifications nor in case of commenting pages email notifications are sent.

There is also a fault in realtime notification, see screenshot below:

And the Watchlist (it would be helpful if the word watchlist and backend terms like notifications would appear in any language version within the backend entries to help all users with a common understanding. I think I do now get an impression why I mixed those terms up. But following this it would be simply helpful to present these terms there…)

Than, second here’s the screenshot of my watchlist:

Looking forward to your answers how to solve it.


email Notification seems to work, at least we do now get an eMail with change information looking like this:

cool, that’s working.

Now I’ve logged into your wiki and I can see some Icon Theme issues (and lots of missing German translations ;)). I’ll check more later (if I still have access to it ;))

BTW you could help with the missing German translations at (we’re having some problems with the site ATM but it should be fixed soon hopefully).

@vmassol: Sure I will also help with some translation work, how could this be done… First I’ll have a look your link…

So I’ve found the following unexplained issues on your wiki so far:

  • The Drawer hamburger icon and the app Index index in the draw user icons from the Silk icon set. This was fixed in . For some reason it seems your page shows that the version you have is 9.3.1. However the Extension Manager says that you have version 9.7 installed of the Font Awesome Icon Theme app.

  • The Buttons have some layout issues (see in EM). Could be caused by the Cosmo color theme that would need some tuning. To be verified. Global_Administration__XWiki_XWikiPreferences__-_XWiki

  • The Notifications preferences and the Notifications entries in the Alert menu have a problem. Could be caused by an old Blog application installed but the Blog app is NOT installed. My guess is that someone in your wiki has imported the Blog XAR without installing it as an extension. It could also be that the upgrade removed it since it’s now not bundled anymore in XWiki Standard. Note that shows it was installed as an extension in XWiki 9.3.1. Was 9.3.1 the version you are upgrading from?

  • The Task Manager app seems to have some problem on all page loads since the following JS is displayed in the console:

TaskManagerSheet?language=de_DE&docVersion=2.1:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'type' of null
    at TaskManagerSheet?language=de_DE&docVersion=2.1:1
    at TaskManagerSheet?language=de_DE&docVersion=2.1:100:
  • I have problems when clicking on the “description” and “dependencies” tabs in EM for an extension. The console shows some JS errors:
extension.js?version=9.7:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'substring' of null
    at e._activateMenuItem (extension.js?version=9.7:1)
    at e.<anonymous> (extension.js?version=9.7:1)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (prototype.js:8)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (prototype.js:19)
  • A lot of translations start with a lowercase when they should start with an uppercase. Would need to check if it’s a translation issue. For example the Blog app is listed as “blog” in the App Panel. And the “description” and “dependencies” tabs in EM don’t have uppercase as their first letters.

  • There’s a translation problem on the mail screen: mail

@Sascha could you provide the history of this upgrade with details about what you did? Did you uninstall some extensions? Did you run the Distribution Wizard (DW)? Did you have conflicts? etc. Did you remove the Blog app for ex?

@Sascha Could it be that you had a conflict in DW for IconThemes.FontAwesome and you choose to keep the previous version instead of using the new one?

We’re trying to figure out what went wrong but we need the answer to those questions before we can do that.

About this, it works fine in FF for me but not in Chrome.

Out provider pushed out the update, for which patches of Tomcat, Java and MySQL Connector had been necessary.

After that I enrolled the Update Wizard, in which some issues came up, but after login every content element had been transferred.

Things that are missing are the menue for access to the pages and related to this it seems near by that the notifications are connected to this…

How and where to access any reports related to this?

@Sascha Some questions:

  • What version of XWiki did you upgrade from?
  • Did you uninstall some extensions?
  • What issues did you have in the DW?
  • Did you remove the Blog app?


What report?