Empty navigation tree in side panel

Hi, XWiki 14.10.5

I seldom face this situation, where the navigation menu is empty:


while the console reports:


The page index reports a total of 264 pages:

Generally a page reload is enough to have the panel filled again. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Moreover, after I asked here: Navigation Panel: always show all toplevel entries (but still collapsed) I elevated the limit to 100, may this be the cause?

Indeed, it could be related. Looks like a timeout issue to retrieve the navigation elements generating this error message in the js console from requirejs. @mflorea might know more.

RequireJS is used to load the code, not the data. The timeout you get is for loading the code of the listed JavaScript modules. Something prevents these modules from being loaded. Either a JavaScript error on the client-side, or something on the server. I see jsTree appears in the list of modules that get a timeout. Do you see an HTTP request for jsTree in your network tab? You need to look for error messages in the JavaScript console or failed requests in the network tab.

Well, since jsTree module code is not even loaded, it means it fails before even trying to retrieve the data, so it would fail with whatever limit you use.

Thank you, I’ll try to keep an eye on it.