Navigation Panel: always show all toplevel entries (but still collapsed)

(XWiki 14.2.1) I’m starting to have lots of pages under Home and the navigation panel shows a (n) more… link at the botto, that when clicked adds a bunch of entries plus another (m) more… link at its end.

Can the panel be set to always show all pages present, without requiring extra clicks?

Note that I still want them to be collapsed (i.e. not what has been asked in this topic.

Any hint?

The Document Tree Macro has a limit parameter, see Document Tree Macro ( . You could edit the Navigation Panel and set a large limit on the document tree macro call.

Thanks, but where do I edit that configuration, for the main navigation pane?
I mean, I only see this in the administration section:


It’s not exposed in the Navigation Panel administration section currently. So you need to edit the page that defines the Navigation Panel, that is /xwiki/bin/edit/Panels/Navigation?editor=object and look for the documentTree macro call.

Thank you!