Empty translation values can't be completed

Since about 2 weeks (probably it’s regarding this topic) I get a daily reminder via email about 18 incomplete strings in german:

Übersetzung Unvollständige Zeichenketten
XWiki Platform/xwiki-platform-extension-handler-xar — Deutsch 2 Anzeigen
XWiki Platform/Image Style UI — Deutsch 2 Anzeigen
XWiki Platform/XWiki Core Resources — Deutsch 12 Anzeigen
XWiki Platform/Panels.Translations — Deutsch 1 Anzeigen
XWiki Platform/Repository — Deutsch 1 Anzeigen

Those 18 incomplete strings are all empty values. But I’m not able to set their translation as “completed”.

I’m a bit proud that with lots of work I had fullfilled german translations to 100 %. It’s a matter of accessibility that I care a lot. So I subscribed to all regarding german translations to fix changes as fast as possible. Now new cases are “polluted” with a lot of noise.

Is there any possibility to set those empty values to “completed” translations? Why do they have to exist if they are empty? Why didn’t they affect my subscriptions before (if they existed before)?

As @surli commented two of those 18 empty values maybe you know some answers to my questions?
Regards, Simpel

Hi @Simpel

thanks for your commitment there :slight_smile:

I will try to see what I can do, but right now I have no idea how to do that.

So I know some of them are there for historical reasons (in particular in XWiki Core Resources), but I’m indeed not sure why we keep adding some, for example I find image.style.administration.liveData.emptyvalue a bit weird, but I guess there’s a technical reason behind it, maybe @mleduc or @mflorea could explain.

They did existed before, the only thing I could think about is that you receive those now because they received a translation we rolled back and so they have the flag “Has been translated”.
Now it’s true for XWiki Platform/xwiki-platform-extension-handler-xar — German @ Weblate XWiki.org: for example, but not for XWiki Platform/Image Style UI — German @ Weblate XWiki.org: so if you did receive also notifications about this last one I’m not sure why you only receive those notifications now.

It looks like the issue can be solved by setting the original keys for empty strings to read-only. See XWiki Contrib/Teams Application @ Weblate XWiki.org for example.

I’ve logged the issue on Jira: Loading...

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