Hiding Page but not its content

Hi guys,

i’m using a page for all media content, pictures etc. what all the other pages are reffering to. Mainly to save space and have a central collection.

I would like to hide that page but if i do so via User Rights, all the content is now hidden on other pages, too.
How can i manage just to hide the folder to unregistered users while still make the content accessable?


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See page hiding at http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/UserGuide/Features/PageEditing#HHidingPages

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Hi vmassol.

I already tried to hide via editor and checkbox “hide” but the Page is still visible on the tree when logged off.
or am i doing something wrong here?


It’s visible to users who have said that they see hidden pages, see http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/User%20Profile%20Application#HUserPreferences

hmm…sorry, that doesnt help me along.

Wait…again…if you as admin hide a page, an “unregistered” user shouldnt be able to see that page at all. Also not in the pagetree right? I didnt see any option for unregistered people to see hidden object…wouldnt make any sense to me anyway…So the main focus is on “Unregistered Visitors”

Yes by default any user doesn’t view hidden pages. And the guest user doesn’t have a profile with settings, so it’s not viewing hidden pages by default.

Ok…so we’re on the same page here!:wink:

On my Wiki, i can still see the page on a logged of state.

Is it still visible because the children are not hidden and that forces the Parentpage to be visible?

Could that be an idea?

Yes that could well be. If there’s one children page visible then the parent node in the tree will be displayed.

I just tried do hide every page and indeed, that did the trick.
Unfortunately that hides the whole pages for the admin as well.

You now will go and say that i can make them visible by checking the box on the
admin profile but that makes aaaallll the technical pages visible which totally distracts me from
the main focus.

Is there really no other workaround than this? That would actually be a good point for an improvement
on that xwiki development…

There’s no other way, except by customizing the navigation panel for example to filter out that page but the page would still be visible in other places (in Page Index, in Search, etc).

Actually I’m not sure I understand how you’d expect this to work. How would you say that you want to view this hidden page but not this other one? (that’s what “hidden” is for already ;)).

Basically you’re asking for having several configurations of hidden sets and per user. That would be quite costly to implement IMO.

What I am basically asking for is a proper way to manage a pool of media which content is accessable without showing non-admins the whole page-organization tree.

What you want is to have a hidden page feature based on user groups, which doesn’t exist ATM.

So for me the workaround is:

  • Hide those media pages as suggested above. This makes them disappear for unregistered users and for any user who doesn’t have “view hidden pages” enabled (which is the default so it’s good).
  • Since Admin users may also not have hidden pages enable in their profile, you could add a link to those media pages in some panels that only admin users will see. Exactly as it’s done for example in the http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Panels/QuickLinks panel you have. You’d create your own panel or edit an existing one and add some “IF”. For example:
#if ($xwiki.hasAdminRights())
* [[Media page 1>>...reference to media page one]]
* [[Media page 1>>...reference to media page one]]
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